My own fashion story

that one person, who always will be your first love.

him. me. and all the things between. maybe im just to afraid or maybe it's just the truth. he was my everything, the one boy i really loved. the one i loved the most and the one i allways will love. the thing is that i don't think i can love anyone the way i loved him. course i will be able to love again, but not the way i loved him. we all have that one person we never will forget. the one personen that allways will be our first love. our first real break up. maybe it would be different in case he was still here. maybe i would be able to love like that again. but .. his not here. he will never be here again and that scares me to death. to know that the one person i loved that much, the one person that i gave everything to, the one that allways will be my first love. i will never see him again. even if he hurt me, and i hurt him we forgave each other. and even after our break up we became really good friends. and i think the worst part of it all is just that, that we did not get a unhappy ending, we would still laugh toghetter, tell each other everything. so i guess.. yes i will love again, i will love big again, but maybe just not the way that i loved him. not that i don't want to, because believe me i want to.. he will allways have that part of my heart and nobody will ever take over that part.i will love you and miss you until the end of my days..

bilder sen 2010.


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